Who makes the Harkiss Designs products and how do they benefit?

East African women — and a few men too – single-handedly support their families by creating Harkiss Designs products. The income they earn through their skilled craftwork helps our artisans feed and shelter their families, get healthcare and put their kids through school.

What kinds of materials do we use to make Harkiss Designs products?

Our artisans work with renewable materials available in their East African nations. All of the materials in our products are natural, sustainable and locally sourced.

Are any animals harmed for the purpose of making Harkiss Designs products?

Never! No animals are tortured or tormented for the sake of Harkiss Designs products. We only work with sustainable materials. Our cow horn designs source horns that would otherwise be discarded. Our cow bone, cowhide and goat hide items come from animals already processed for other purposes.

Are all of Harkiss Designs products made in Africa?

Absolutely. Every product in our catalog, from jewelry to home goods, originates in Africa. We are careful to be true to our tagline, “empowering East African women one item at a time.”

How does Africa influence the Harkiss Designs collection?

The Harkiss Designs collection is influenced by the beautiful colors, natural materials and story telling tradition that I grew up with in Uganda. These three components play a huge role in each of our designs and in the collection as a whole.

What are the different product lines in the Harkiss Designs collection?

Our collection includes:

* Home goods
* Jewelry
* Sandals
* Bags and purses
* Fabric
* Fashion accessories

What types of dyes do Harkiss Designs products contain?

Our artisans use plant-based dyes that are organic and natural.

How Does Harkiss Designs give back?

We give back through working with and empowering one artisan at a time within his or her community. In addition, we donate a percentage of our sales to http://www.lendahanduganda.com, a foundation dedicated to helping vulnerable and orphaned children. Lend a Hand Uganda takes needy kids off the streets and finds them proper homes. The foundation contributes to the education, healthcare, nutrition and well-being of these vulnerable children.

What is your return policy?

Exchange & Store Credit only within 14 days of purchase. Items must be in good conditions. Items that are damaged may be denied a refund or exchange.