The Cuisine of Uganda

Cuisine 1People in Uganda traditionally cook over an open fire, and often the cooks must make enough to feed several at a meal. Certain foods are at the heart of the Ugandan diet, and people naturally cook and eat what happens to be in season at any particular time.

Posho is made from white corn flour and water, boiled until thick. Someone has to watch the pot and stir it frequently to prevent lumps and keep the mixture soft. Farmers in Uganda grow plenty of maize, the source for posho, and most villages have a communal grinding mill. Posho is a staple that fills people up and provides them with starch and other nutrients. Depending on what else the cook is serving, she can sweeten or season the posho to compliment the rest of the meal.

Millet is a grain that Ugandans prepare in a similar way to posho. However, millet provides more protein and it has more flavor. People eat boiled millet as porridge with sugar and milk, or they eat it as a main dish with delicious additions like peanut sauce and smoked fish. Ugandans also enjoy millet bread.

Sweet potatoes are another menu favorite. The most basic recipe for peeled sweet potatoes is boiling. They have a rich, slightly sweet flavor that tastes great with something salty like peanut sauce or bean soup.

Because meat in Uganda is expensive, many family meals include legumes as a protein substitute. Ugandans make basic pinto bean soup with water, onions, tomatoes and green pepper. When served with posho and sweet potatoes plus some cooked greens, such as spinach, the soup is part of a hearty, balanced meal.


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  1. Recently, my sister adopted an older child from Uganda and has been wanting to make her some good African food. I am definitely going to have to tell her about Posho. However, do you think that the quality of the maize would be the same quality here in the states as it is in Africa? I’m also wondering what can be done to ensure that the dish tastes as authentic as possible.

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