Purse Pairings for Dazzling Style

We hope you have noticed that bags, totes and purses are some of the items we do best at Harkiss. That is a lucky coincidence, because we know you never go anywhere without a distinctive and stylish bag. Here are some of our top recommendations for fashion-forward accessorizing with our fabulous collection of Harkiss Design handbags.

Kikoy Clutches IMG_0095_1

Did you know that our Kikoy fabric clutches are made from the same style of fabric traditionally worn by East African royalty? Their bright, distinctive stripes pair just as perfectly with your conservative business suit as with your favorite pair of jeans. The natural leather handles add classic details that enrich the already regal clutch, making it easy to just grab your bag and go. Our Kikoy bags have roomy bodies to hold your keys, phone, sunglasses, makeup and more. Pair it with our chunky coconut wood bracelet and a couple of our horn and brass rings for an elegant yet exotic result

Classic Banana Fiber Tote Bag

banana-bagStrong and classically styled, our Banana Fiber tote is tailored for those times when you have more stuff to take than hands to hold it. This artisan tote is crafted by women with a long tradition of making baskets for hardy household use. The earthy tan tones of the sustainably harvested fiber make this tote a natural match for whatever you’re wearing, whether a brightly patterned skirt and sandals or toned down khakis and deck shoes. When you fill it up with towels and tatamis, the tote transforms into sturdy beach bag. When piled high with farmer’s market produce, it becomes a reusable and fashionable shopping bag

Get great ideas for pairing our patchwork handbags and purses in Part 2!

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