Lend a Hand Uganda part II – Sponsoring Household Sustainability

Lend a Hand Uganda (LAHU) supports programs that improve the lives of orphans and vulnerable children, their homes and communities. Key projects include vegetable gardens that add important nutrition to the children’s daily diets. Those who benefit from the gardens contribute to planting, maintenance and harvesting. LAHU volunteers from around the globe assist residents in establishing and caring for these essential crops.

chickens in africaThe Chicken Project aims to help feed vulnerable children and generate some income too. The organization provides poultry and supplies for egg and meat production. LAHU also sponsors other domestic animal projects, supplying ducks, rabbits, goats, cows or pigs. Beneficiaries raise the animals, oversee breeding and convert them to food. They use some of the manure to enrich soil for the garden projects.

Even those children too young to be of much help in the gardens or with the animals learn a great deal from watching them grow and prosper. Those old enough to plant seeds, weed vegetable rows or feed chickens learn positive skills and responsibility that will stay with them all their lives. Volunteers, consisting of university students, graduates and professionals in various fields, learn a lot about giving back to communities through their work with LAHU.

When I visit LAHU program sites in Uganda, I am overwhelmed by the hope, the excitement and the spirit of cooperation that unites children and volunteers as they develop these projects together. I believe in LAHU and have witnessed its positive impact on small Ugandan communities. That’s why Harkiss Designs contributes to LAHU, and so do you when you make a purchase from our catalog.



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