Lady of the Season: Honoring Mothers Everywhere, Part I

Mother’s Day has become a very international holiday, and while countries may celebrate their matriarchs on different dates, all honor them in similar ways. The UK likely set the modern precedent with “Mothering Sunday,” which originated in the 17th century and occurs annually on the fourth Sunday during Lent. In the U.S., Mother’s Day is a relatively recent fixture. Anna Jarvis was among the first American to celebrate the day in 1908, and as a result of her subsequent campaign to legitimize the honorary holiday, President Woodrow Wilson declared the second Sunday each May to be Mother’s Day in 1911.

Currently, 46 countries worldwide save one day each year for their mothers. In Myanmar sets aside the day of the full moon in January for mothers. In many Middle East nations, including Iraq, Palestine, Sudan and Syria, Mother’s Day occurs March 21. Countries like France, Senegal and Sweden celebrate their matriarchs on the final Sunday each May while for those in Kenya, the last Sunday in June is Mother’s Day.

Dozens of nations join the U.S. in making mothers feel special the second Sunday in May. These include many African countries such as Botswana, the Republic of Ghana, Ethiopia and Zimbabwe and, of course, Uganda. People around the world celebrate their mothers in different ways, giving gifts, doing favors, cooking meals, going on outings or just spending time with the women who gave them life.

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See Lady of the Season, Part II for some ideas that will make Mother’s Day extra-special.



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