Coconut Wood: New, Renewable and Hip

At Harkiss Designs, spring means renewal, just like my new spring collection of coconut wood items. I am always excited to introduce new products, but these are especially intriguing because the styles are fabulous and the material is sustainable.

Coconut timber is an exotic hardwood. It is beautiful, durable and strong. What makes it different from rainforest hardwoods like mahogany, rosewood and teak is sustainability. Coconut wood comes from plantation palm trees that no longer produce fruit. Plantation workers harvest mature trees between 50 to 70 years old to make way for new saplings. In the past, plantations destroyed the coconut timber, but industries are now beginning to recognize the value of this wood as an alternative to destructive rainforest harvesting.

Coconut trunks are actually more stem-like than tree-like. They do not have growth rings or branches that mar the grain of other exotic woods. The outermost wood of the palm tree trunk is the hardest, densest and darkest in hue while the new growth at the center is softer, supple and light in color.

Builders use the high-density timber for structural supports and framing. Housewares, jewelry and non-load-bearing interior trims are the most common uses for the low-density center wood.

Many of my Harkiss Designs products incorporate renewable materials like banana fiber and palm leaves. The new coconut wood line fits right in beside these eco-friendly products from African agriculture. My hand-carved coconut bowls from Kenya show off the rich resonance of this exotic timber.

Besides being renewable, my coconut wood products are beautiful, resonant with tradition and exquisitely hip. Choose from nine styles of new Bohemian Coconut Wood pendants for a truly original look. My Coconut Wood Egg-shaped Bracelet is so chic and unique that you’ll be catching compliments wherever you wear it, and the Coconut Wood Log Bracelet delivers a very different but very exceptional vibe. And since no outfit is inclusive until you add your earrings, choose from three different styles in my new coconut wood line.

Empower yourself and your wardrobe this spring with New, Hip and Renewable coconut wood from Harkiss Designs!

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