Sandals Throughout History

Sandals and summertime naturally go together. The ever-popular footwear lets your feet breath from top to toes throughout hot, sticky weather, keeping you cooler from the ground up. Next time you strap on your favorite pair of leather gladiator sandals or strappy, bead-embellished kicks, you can thank prehistoric humans whose necessity-driven shoe invention sparked off […]

Lady of the Season: Honoring Mothers Everywhere, Part I

Mother’s Day has become a very international holiday, and while countries may celebrate their matriarchs on different dates, all honor them in similar ways. The UK likely set the modern precedent with “Mothering Sunday,” which originated in the 17th century and occurs annually on the fourth Sunday during Lent. In the U.S., Mother’s Day is […]

Purse Pairings Part 2: Pretty Patchwork Collection

The Harkiss patchwork purses are truly works of art. Featuring a mélange of bright colors pieced together with exquisite care, our patchwork clutch, wrist bag, shoulder bags and duffel breathe new life into humdrum attire. Colorful Clutch Comes in Several Colors The patchwork clutch features a fold-over flap and comes in several color combinations. Its […]

Harkiss Designs

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