Adornments to Highlight Beautiful Hands Part II: Bracelets

IMG_1234Bracelets create a critical connection between who you are and what you are wearing. They should complement your blouse, shirt or jacket while at the same time revealing your personal aesthetics and values. Worn next to the pulse point of your wrist, bracelets tap into the lifeline that makes you separate and unique from the rest of the world.  Our selection of bracelets in sustainable materials and metals offers the ideal selection for your self-expression.

Our Ankole Horn Cuff bracelets reflect the undeniable connection between our East African artisans and their ancestral homelands. Cut, carved and polished to bring out the beautiful variances in color indigenous to the natural materials, these bracelets let you express your link to exotic landscapes and your sense of environmental responsibility too. The beautiful, sustainable horn products that our artisans transform into fine jewelry repurpose what would otherwise be wasted. The Brave-heart bracelet features chunky horn beads that express strength, courage and allegiance to the land.

Equally unique and eye-catching, our coconut wood bracelets are unlike anything you have yet encountered. The streaked and pebbled patterns of the polished coconut wood mirror your unmatched spirit, worn upon your wrist for all the world to see. The Coconut Log bracelet highlights your indomitable esprit while the

Palm-wood bead bracelets sing with the subtle sounds of swaying palm fronds in tropical plantations.

Infuse your everyday wardrobe with vibrance by tossing one of our fun stone beaded bracelets into the mix. Precious stones set in delectably designed brass, strands of colorful coral that twine around your wrists, or a jazzy mélange of vivid stones and charms offsets your free spirit and your superior sense of style.

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