Adornments to Highlight Beautiful Hands: Part I

IMG_1162Your hands just might work harder than any other part of you. Soothing, smoothing, directing, connecting, gesturing, talking, silencing and holding – your hands never seem to be at rest. Give them a luxurious treat with adornments from the Harkiss Designs jewelry collection. Our rings and bracelets add luster and luxurious style from morning to evening.

Rings infuse your hands with fun and personality that you can change according to your mood or the occasion. Our Wire and Stone rings never fail to capture the attention of others, adding elegant emphasis to the task at hand. Exquisite brass curlicues create artistic settings for our polished green or earth-toned stones sourced from rich East African climes. Large enough to make a significant statement yet shaped to compliment the delicate bone structure of your hand, these rings are among our favorites.

Surround your hard-working hands with the opulent overtones of our standout Brass & Copper ring. Hand-hammered spirals of brass encircle an elemental copper core that glimmers with glamorous élan.  Shaped to a point that draws admiring glances from its center to your hand, wrist and arm, this evocative ring makes a signature statement wherever you travel. The natural bone circlet suits your finger with its strong yet elemental appeal. Partner it up with our Namidiero Disc earrings to cinch dynamic style.

Our versatile selection of Horn & Brass rings provides you with a sizzling option for every outfit and event. Wrapped or inlaid with touches of shimmering copper or brass, each ring features creatively carved cow horn that gleam with handcrafted care.



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