Adorn Your Personal Space with Harkiss Designs Lifestyle (Part Two)

Coconut Wood Fruit BowlOur coconut wood serving items also infuse your dinner table with an exciting new verve. Our oval serving bowl is hand-finished so that no two pieces are exactly the same. A collectible, statement piece that brings the rich heritage and earth tones of Africa to your table, the coconut wood bowl is destined to become a family heirloom. Add a Harkiss Designs salad serving set carved from ebony wood to supply exceptional style to your dinner salads.

In the bath, just a new item or two can make the difference between utilitarian decor and a sensuous spa-like atmosphere. Place a hand-carved, gleaming cow horn soap dish beside your soaking tub and ramp up the luxury level. Offer small containers of body oil, aromatic bath salts and lotions in one of our traditionally designed Rwandan storage baskets to enrich the bathing experience. Add an attractive and exotic coconut wood tissue holder to the countertop.

Choose from many more items in the Harkiss Designs lifestyle collection to add eclectic élan to your living spaces. In the foyer, living room or bedroom, perk up your carpet or hardwood flooring with one of our natural hide area rugs. Choose from a handcrafted 2.5 x 4-foot patchwork carpet that is plush-perfect, or give bare toes a treat with our naturally shaped hide-skin rug.

Try a traditional Kikoy throw made from cotton grown and woven in Uganda. Dyed in bright color combinations with fringed ends, a Kikoy throw adds a splash of vibrance as a piano scarf, a wall tapestry or draped artfully along the back of an easy chair.

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