Adorn Your Personal Space with Harkiss Designs Lifestyle (Part One)

When you want to recreate your personal space but can’t afford a wall to wall makeover, think about adding a few carefully chosen signature decor pieces that set a new tone for your kitchen, dining, bath and living areas. Harkiss Designs can help with items from our lifestyle collection.

You and your family spend tons of time in your kitchen, and you can brighten up everyone’s day by adding some bright spots. Nestle a graduated set of our Agaseke Peace baskets from Rwanda in red, natural and green, or tan on your countertop to hold flour, sugar, coffee and tea. Each one has its own lid so contents stay dry and clean. Mount some of our colorful, hand woven trivets on the wall above your breakfast nook, or place a big, beautiful fruit basket, filled with fresh, nutritious snacks, on your eating bar. Our East African artisans are uniquely skilled at weaving beautiful heirloom-quality baskets that are durable and made of sustainable materials.

Smarten up your dinner table with cow horn accouterments. First, I assure you that no cattle were harmed in producing any of our products. The natural curves of the resplendent horns of East African Ankole cattle are ideal for our remarkable salt and pepper sets. Our artisans hand-carve and polish these table items to bring out their warm inner glow, which never fails to draw the admiration of dinner guests. Our natural horn serving bowls compliment your table with an aura of exotic elegance.

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