Add East African Élan to Your Summer Schedule

Diani beachSitting by the seaside with a cold beverage and a paperback book is a popular summer pastime for Americans from coast to coast, but did you know that the nations of East Africa have some of the best beaches worldwide? From Diani Beach in Kenya, whose pristine shores shelter in the arc of a coral reef, to Uganda’s spectacular strands bordering Lake Victoria, the beaches of East Africa offer residents and tourists alike some scenic spots to relax and cool off in the summer months.

Harkiss Designs recognizes that a love of sand and water is just one of the parallels that unite the people of nations half a world apart. We have collected some beach-goers’ essentials to give your favorite summer beach ensemble an authentic, East African vibe.

First, you need a roomy yet durable tote to carry all your beach gear, from sunscreen to towels to snacks. Why not skip the canvas bag that you usually use for groceries and select a tote with attitude, like our Banana Fiber Tote. It has plenty of space and ultra strong rope handles that won’t let you down. A tough yet tony weave of robust fibers from East African banana trees lasts throughout several seasons, keeping your belongings safe and at hand. Don’t forget the fashion factor – our tote features natural tones of light and dark that coordinate with everything. Just set it in the sand beside your blanket to keep all your items in one place.


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