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Kikoy at the beach

Add East African Élan to Your Summer Schedule

Now that you have all your gear safely stowed in a handcrafted Banana Fiber Tote from Harkiss Designs, you’re ready to spruce yourself up before heading for the nearest beach or park. One of the first things you would notice if you were heading to a South African strand is the bright Kikoy beachwear that […]

Kenyan map

Add East African Élan to Your Summer Schedule

Sitting by the seaside with a cold beverage and a paperback book is a popular summer pastime for Americans from coast to coast, but did you know that the nations of East Africa have some of the best beaches worldwide? From Diani Beach in Kenya, whose pristine shores shelter in the arc of a coral […]

Purse Pairings for Dazzling Style

We hope you have noticed that bags, totes and purses are some of the items we do best at Harkiss. That is a lucky coincidence, because we know you never go anywhere without a distinctive and stylish bag. Here are some of our top recommendations for fashion-forward accessorizing with our fabulous collection of Harkiss Design […]

Coconut Wood: New, Renewable and Hip

At Harkiss Designs, spring means renewal, just like my new spring collection of coconut wood items. I am always excited to introduce new products, but these are especially intriguing because the styles are fabulous and the material is sustainable. Coconut timber is an exotic hardwood. It is beautiful, durable and strong. What makes it different […]


A Blend of Cultural Influences Flavor East African Products

Harkiss Designs brings the talent of East African artisans, manifest in our beautiful accessories and home deco, to new markets in the U.S., Canada, and other areas that have never had the opportunity to indulge in the textures, colors, and designs of this exotic corner of the world. Our bags, totes, sandals, hats, and purses […]


New Trends in Accessories Reflect Shrinking Planet

More people travel farther distances than they did just a few years ago.  I travel to East Africa each year.  Even those who don’t pack up and hop onto an airplane keep in touch with friends and relatives in faraway countries through email and phone calls. As people throughout the world become better connected, it’s […]


Women and the Ugandan Economy

Gender bias in East Africa severely limits the economic growth of artisan communities.  According to a 2009 National Export Strategy (NES) report from the Ugandan government,  while Ugandan women make a significant contribution the East African nation’s economy, they do not receive adequate monetary compensation.  The majority of rural women do not earn what those […]

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