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More About the Cuisine of Uganda

Luwombo peanut sauce

Because refrigeration is not widespread in rural Uganda, chilled foods like salads are not part of the normal diet. Additionally, people are used to cooking all their foods to eliminate bacteria that could cause illness. Eggplant, cabbage, spinach, kale and pumpkin are all part of dinner when these vegetables are in season, and cooks typically […]

The Cuisine of Uganda

Cuisine 1

People in Uganda traditionally cook over an open fire, and often the cooks must make enough to feed several at a meal. Certain foods are at the heart of the Ugandan diet, and people naturally cook and eat what happens to be in season at any particular time. Posho is made from white corn flour […]

Summertime Cooking


From the simple to the exotic, East African dishes provide the best way for Americans to get an authentic taste of Uganda, Kenya and neighboring nations. Summertime is a great season for experimenting with new dishes and flavors, and many East African dishes are adaptable to outdoor cooking. In the next few weeks, we will […]

Sandals Throughout History

Sandals and summertime naturally go together. The ever-popular footwear lets your feet breath from top to toes throughout hot, sticky weather, keeping you cooler from the ground up. Next time you strap on your favorite pair of leather gladiator sandals or strappy, bead-embellished kicks, you can thank prehistoric humans whose necessity-driven shoe invention sparked off […]

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