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What is Compassionate Capitalism?

uganda fair trade product company

Harkiss Designs is a social enterprise, a new breed of business with a mission. Don’t confuse a social enterprise with a social networking business. While we do connect with you via Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, our ultimate goals are more far reaching. As a social enterprise, Harkiss Designs seeks to use capitalism compassionately as a tool […]

Storytelling Weaves the Fabric of East African Cultures

african weave basket

Folklore, oral history and storytelling are inextricably woven into the fiber of East African life. Even though Africa does have an ancient written tradition, most communities pass their cultural knowledge and history from generation to generation orally. Storytelling was a way of life as I was growing up in Uganda. Elders tell stories that explain […]

How Basket Making Reflects East African Cultural Values: Part 2


For the artisans of Harkiss Designs, the process of harvesting and preparing materials, dyeing the fibers and creating traditional baskets is more than just a way to earn a living. The growing basket weaving industry in Uganda and other East African nations is the embodiment of traditional values. Basketry in East Africa reflects a deeply […]

Harkiss Designs Baskets: Weaving Tradition into a Better Future (Part 1)

          The handcrafted baskets of East African women are a mainstay of the cultures of Uganda, Rwanda, Kenya and Tanzania. They are also the foundation of the Harkiss Designs collection. The different profiles, designs and techniques that distinguish our basket lines are part of a rich, multigenerational tradition unique to specific […]

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